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Shanghai GMT Machinery Co., Ltd. subordinates to GMT MACHINERY GROUP LIMITED, concentrates on plastic machinery area. The best machines and the best technologies take on every tough challenge. We have strong manufacturing basis and also fast-reacting marketing center.

Our products cover all kinds of Single extruders, Twin(conical/parallel) extruders, Screws and barrels,  Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines, Decoration Product Extrusion lines, Wood&Plastic Product Extrusion Lines, Plastic Plate&Sheet Extrusion Lines, PP-PET strap Extrusion Lines, Drip tape production, and Related Machines, etc. All the above mentioned products have gained the customers' trust and praise in designing, manufacturing and service.

Our products are popularly used all over the world, especially export to Middle-East, South America, Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia, ect.

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